Anne Basting

Anne Basting is an artist whose work focuses on the potential for the arts and humanities to transform our lives as individuals and communities. A MacArthur Fellow, Anne has researched ways to infuse the arts into care settings with a particular focus on people with cognitive disabilities like dementia for more than 20 years. She is founder and President of the award-winning nonprofit TimeSlips an international alliance of artists and caregivers bringing meaning to late life through creativity with certified facilitators in 47 states and 18 countries. Additionally, Basting will be presenting throughout the conference with a pre-conference and breakout session.


Antoine Hunter

Antoine Hunter is an award-winning African-American Deaf producer, choreographer, film/theater actor, dancer, dance instructor, model, poet, speaker, mentor, Deaf advocate, and the founder and artistic director of the Urban Jazz Dance Company. Featuring the syncopation of urban jazz rhythms, the company embodies the importance of play and performance to connect cultures of all races, ages, abilities, and backgrounds. Through this work, Deaf and other-abled artists, increase awareness around Deaf issues via the performing arts while contributing to the craft. In addition to his role as a keynote speaker, Hunter and his dance company will be performing for students at the Indiana School for the Deaf.