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This session defines a new approach for engaging low-income and “disenfranchised” adults in the creative economy. In this participatory workshop, we will demystify creativity and placemaking, and reframe it as an adaptive design process, that can lead to a flourishing of aspiration and potential with adults. The ideas developed in the workshops can provide increased economy for the person and community in which they live.

In this session you will:

  • Learn about approaches the da Vinci Pursuit uses to engage a diverse audience in the design process.

  • Participate in some of the activities and approaches used by the da Vinci Pursuit.

  • See examples of public art created through an inclusive design process and discuss the outcomes of this process.

Presented by:

Aili McGill

Aili McGill
Board Member
The da Vinci Pursuit
Noblesville, Indiana

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Aili is a museum education and community development professional with fifteen years of experience engaging audiences in history, science, and art programming. She holds a BA in Museums and Museum Management from Earlham College and an MA in Museum Studies from Indiana University. She is currently the Executive Director of Nickel Plate Arts, which serves five communities on the eastern side of Hamilton County. McGill is also a Board Member for the daVinci Pursuit, which connects communities through art and science.


Mark Kesling
The da Vinci Pursuit

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Mark is a pioneering artist and science educator in the field of museum education and design for more than 30 years. He has designed, created and managed major exhibits and installations in museums including The Children’s Museum of Indianapolis, The Museum of Science and Industry in Chicago, The Carnegie Museum, The Exploratorium, the Children’s Museum of Wilmington, and currently serves as the founder & CEO.He is currently the Founder and CEO of the daVinci Pursuit. Mark continues to provide leadership in art and science through the design of a “museum without walls”.