Don’t know a balance sheet from a bed sheet? Learn the basics of financial management for your arts organization in this fast-paced session that will cover basic terminology and best practices.

In this session you will:

  • Learn basic accounting and financial management terminology and strategies for management.

  • Understand the definition of “in kind” income and expenses typically reflected on a financial statement or in a grant proposal.

  • Learn best practices for building and using operating budgets.


Presented by:

Elaine Luttrull

Elaine Grogan Luttrull
Founder / CPA
Minerva Financial Arts
Columbus, Ohio

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Elaine is the founder of Minerva Financial Arts, a company devoted to building financial literacy and empowerment in creative individuals and organizations. Her workshops and presentations have been featured nationally by a variety of groups, and her On-Ramp program in Indiana has served nearly 70 Hoosier creatives. She teaches at the Columbus College of Art & Design, where she served as the Department Head for Business & Entrepreneurship from 2014-2018.