How can you ensure that your organization and community are providing inclusive arts opportunities for people of all abilities? Leverage your existing programs in partnership with your community to increase access and inclusion for people with disabilities. Leave the session with plans to implement beyond the conference.

In this session you will:

  • Learn about successful community partnerships to improve inclusion and access for people with disabilities.

  • Reconsider access and inclusion as an element of the "user friendly" status of their organization and community.

  • Create action plans for implementation after the conference


Presented by:

Gayle Holtman

Gayle Holtman
Indianapolis, Indiana

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Gayle serves as President & CEO of ArtMix, Inc. an Indiana nonprofit providing access to the arts for people with disabilities. An Indy native, Holtman graduated from Wittenberg University with a BA in Music Education. In 2008 she was named Outstanding Special Needs Educator of the Year by the Art Education Association of Indiana, and in 2011 she received a Community Arts Leadership Award from the Indiana Coalition for the Arts.